Helen Weighell Psychotherapist London Walthamstow

Integrative Psychotherapy

There are many different approaches to psychotherapy developed from Freud's initial theoretical formulations. Now in the 21st century there is now a vast field of different talking therapies and counselling, and that can seem confusing.

My approach is integrative, this means that I have been trained in a range of different theories and that I adapt my clinical responses to each individual case. This flexible way of working is respectful of diversity and difference and ensures acute attention is paid to the particular unique character of the individual.The main theories I integrate in my practice are: Gestalt, Transactional Analysis (TA), and Psychodynamic theories, particularly Attachment and Jungian Psychology.

I also consider myself a 'Relational' psychotherapist. This means that along with the issues you bring to explore in therapy, I am interested in, and pay attention to, the relationship between us and the way you relate to yourself. This provides valuable insight, often bringing unconscious patterns into awareness so they can be understood and challenged.

My training took place at The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education (IATE), where the use of creativity as a therapeutic tool, is also taught. I find the understanding of creative expression and the use of the creative interventions can provide powerful insights, and some people find it easier to express themselves this way.


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