Helen Weighell Psychotherapist London Walthamstow

About Psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a way of exploring feelings and patterns of relating to gain understanding and help develop greater choice in our lives. It is a collaborative process where clients are able to look at the various issues troubling them, with a trained professional in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment.

Why Choose Psychotherapy?

There are many different reasons for choosing to seek psychotherapy. You may wish to look at feelings around a specific or repeated problem or you may have a general feeling that you could be getting more out of life and feel more fulfilled.

It could be that you come after a recent or past traumatic event that you are struggling to come to terms with, or for support during a difficult period in your relationships or work, after a period of feeling anxious and overwhelmed, or when you hit 'rock bottom'

Whatever motivates you to seek therapy, a crucial part of the process is finding someone who feels like a good 'fit' for you. The journey of psychotherapy can be incredibly rewarding, and is sometimes very challenging.

The process can involve uncovering and exploring complex issues and painful experiences, in order to gain a fuller experience and understanding of yourself, and resolve difficulties that were previously stuck or hidden.

Psychotherapy is not a 'quick fix', and the majority of my work is long-term or open ended. However, I do offer short-term/time-limited contracts and these can be really useful and profound pieces of work.

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